Silverthorne Homes is happy to be working with area realtors and providing their customers with a home and community in which they can be proud to live! Below are some commonly asked questions and answers that we hope will make working with Silverthorne Homes an efficient and pleasurable experience.
  • Silverthorne Homes, LLC will pay 3% of the home purchase price upon closing of that home to the Realtor via their Brokerage Firm.
  • This program is applicable to licensed Realtors in good standing within the State of Indiana.
  • In order for the Realtor to receive payment, Silverthorne Homes requires a W-9 with current information and to be completed and submitted with each sale.
  • The plan may be subject to change without written notice.

What is the Silverthorne Homes Realtor Participation Program?
Silverthorne home is proud to offer licensed Indiana Realtors the following commission program applicable to each calendar year.

How do I participate in the Realtor Program?
There are three ways to sign up for the Realtor Participation Program:

  1. It is preferred that the Realtor brings the prospective homebuyer and registers the customer and him/herself on the Realtor-Client Registration form with the Silverthorne Homes Sales Manager in the community.
  2. If it is not possible to come in with the homebuyer, we ask for a courtesy call from the Realtor to the Silverthorne Homes Sales Manager providing the customer's name and telephone number.
  3. If a customer does visit the sales model on their own, they must list the Realtor ontheir first visit for the Realtor to be included in the sale.
Who is eligible for the program?
The program is applicable to licensed Realtors in good standing within the State of Indiana who bring in a buyer, using one of the three methods listed above.

How do I get paid?
Silverthorne Homes, LLC agrees to pay 3% of the final purchase price at closing on every Realtor's sale.  A completed W-9 form must be on file with the Silverthorne Corporate office for each sale transacted with a Realtor.

What if my customer is no longer able to buy a home?
If the homebuyer is not able to close or falls out for another reason, it is understood that any up-front commission paid to Realtor will be applied to that Realtor's next closing.

Prices, plans, and terms are effective on the date of publication and subject to change without notice. Square footage shown is only an estimate and actual square footage will differ. Depictions of homes or other features are artist conceptions. Hardscape, landscape, and other items shown may be decorator suggestions that are not included in the purchase price and availability may vary. Plans to build out this neighborhood as proposed are subject to change without notice. 3D floor plan rendering is for illustrative purposes only and represents a concept of a standard model of this home and may not represent the home that would be available for purchase at the purchase price shown. The rendering may represent the base model of this home without any options or upgrades, or may depict options, upgrades or features that are available at an additional cost. Furniture placement and flooring is artist's conception and is not intended to show specific detailing. Floor plans are the property of Silverthorne Homes LLC.