Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips


New communities often start out as fields, and construction requires intensive clearing and grading that leaves new yards bare. At Arbor Homes, we make sure each new home gets seeded for grass front and back, and put in hardy trees and shrubs to get your landscaping started. But, as the homeowner, you’re responsible for the ongoing care needed to keep your lawn and landscape healthy.

For many people in new communities, lawn care is a new skill. That’s why we put together this helpful list of tips to get—and keep—your lawn and landscaping green and healthy.


  • Water, water, water. If you only do one thing for your yard, make it frequent watering. When your lawn is seeded, it needs daily watering to grow. Even after the lawn gets going, water keeps it fresh and green. During the spring, summer, and fall, make sure you’re watering thoroughly on dry days.
  • Don’t forget to fertilize. Your local home and garden shop or big box store carries safe, easy fertilizers designed for home use. You can hire a lawn service, or follow the instructions on the package to make sure you use the proper fertilizers for your time of year and climate.
  • Keep weeds under control. You may also want to treat your lawn for weeds. Preventing crab grass, clover, and dandelions goes a long way toward ensuring a beautiful lawn. In your mulched landscaping, you may need to weed by hand once or twice a week. Mulch keeps weeds at bay, but doesn’t totally prevent weed growth.
  • Mow carefully. Once your lawn is established, remember to change the height of your lawnmower blade by season. In spring you may need to cut more closely as the lawn grows fast, but letting your lawn get a little higher in the summer will help preserve moisture and keep the grass greener.
  • Re-mulch every year. Although mulch doesn’t totally prevent weeds, it does go a long way. Keep it fresh for better control, and because mulch color may fade over time.
  • Add more seed. In spring and fall, add more seed to your lawn. Overseeding and adding straw to your lawn helps to establish your lawn and make it thicker and greener. Thicker grass stays healthier and greener, and helps to prevent weed growth.