Build On Your Lot


When you build on your lot, your questions may go beyond custom home construction. At Silverthorne, we make the process totally transparent. Your On Your Lot Specialist can answer any questions you might have but here are a few of the most common concerns that might arise when you consider options to build on your lot.

  • Where will Silverthorne build?
    • Silverthorne Homes builds within the state of Indiana and adheres to state guidelines for zoning and construction. Your On Your Lot Specialist helps you navigate those parameters with ease.
  • Does Silverthorne build on unimproved land?
    • We build affordable custom homes in developed neighborhoods and on unimproved land. Our team performs a thorough assessment of the land before we build on your lot to ensure that you understand the cost of any necessary improvements before we build on your lot. Our policy of total transparency ensures that you stay informed and prevents any surprises during the process.
  • Will Silverthorne build on a site requiring well and septic?
    • Part of our team’s site evaluation [link to Build On Your Lot page] includes an analysis of municipal requirements and site limitations. Depending on these variables, Silverthorne Homes considers sites requiring well and septic installation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Can Silverthorne build within a neighborhood of custom home lots?
    • We can build you an affordable custom home in any community where our designs meet architectural requirements, as long as the neighborhood does not have an exclusivity agreement with a charter builder.
  • Can Silverthorne help me find a lot?
    • Absolutely. We are experts at market and site analysis. Our On Your Lot team can suggest locations that fit your lifestyle, and then perform a thorough analysis before you buy so you’re certain about the costs and considerations that come along with the lot.
  • Will Silverthorne help me purchase my lot?
    • Working with Silverthorne gives you an advantage over other potential buyers interested in the property you’re considering. Our financial backing gives us leverage to negotiate the best possible price, and we’re happy to stand behind you when you’re ready to purchase a lot. In most cases, we require a 10% deposit of the total price of the land and a mortgage pre-approval from a qualified lender.
  • How do I finance construction?
    • When you build on your lot, you need to finance the cost of your home’s construction. Along with helping you purchase your lot, Silverthorne can help you finance construction. Our trusted lenders facilitate this process, and your On Your Lot Specialist will walk you through the process so you understand each step.
  • Will you build from any set of plans I prefer?
    • Due to intellectual property law and copyrights, and in order to maintain our policy of affordable customization, Silverthorne builds within our portfolio of baseline plans. However, please feel free to bring us any plans you find—from any source—so that we can better understand the features you want. In most cases, we can recommend a solution within one of our portfolio plans that meets the same criteria. Whether it’s a structural change or a particular design feature, we’re happy to customize our plans into your dream home.

Still have questions?

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