Design Center


When you’re building a home, the options can be overwhelming. That’s why we created our Design Center—showcasing the many ways to combine elements and options, and creating solutions that fit your lifestyle. At the Silverthorne Homes Design Center, you’ll find an interactive experience designed to get your creative ideas flowing.

The Design Center combines classic taste with the latest design trends. Our goal is to spark your creativity, giving you ideas for ways to make your new home reflect your personality with updated features and timeless appeal. Silverthorne Homes makes building a home creative, fun, and affordable.

The Design Center is by appointment only during the week.  At this time to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination, we ask that ONLY those whose names are on the contract attend the appointment.  Please do not bring children, family of friends to your appointment.

Feel free to email the Design Center with any questions you might have about your upcoming appointments.

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Visualize your style.

Our Design Center helps you visualize how your new home will look. Seeing finishes and materials in context simplifies decision making, and prevents the fatigue of looking through endless catalogs and thumbnail images. Even home buyers with detailed visions for their home come away with a clearer view of the possibilities.

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Compare options and solutions.

Building a home can be stressful, as you need to create personal solutions for specific needs and desires instead of choosing from a limited menu of options. At Silverthorne Homes, we make it easy to compare options and solutions with our hands-on Design Center. Working with your consultant, you’ll quickly get a sense for the best way to create your dream home.