Affordable Customization

Indianapolis-area real estate continues to flourish, and you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and value. At Silverthorne, we bridge the gap between cookie-cutter construction and over-the-top estates. We call our style “affordable customization.”

What is Affordable Customization?

  • Add Windows Where YOU Want Them!
    • Since your home is stick-built on site (not pre-fabricated in a factory) we do not limit locations for window placement. You can place additional windows where you desire!
    • Stick framing also allows us to offer extensions that expand exterior walls, and some that run straight through the home. We offer unique and thoughtful options to help personalize your layout for the way you live in your home.
  • Add Exterior Architectural Details
    •  Personalize your home with features such as Stone, Porch Column Detail, Arches Above Windows.

Homeowner Customization
Featuring the Reagan

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We match flexibility with efficiency.

Silverthorne Homes leverages international business backing and hometown connections to create market efficiencies. We base our homes on a series of flexible floorplans. By choosing a baseline floorplan, you maximize opportunities for customization, and we keep your dream affordable by leveraging volume discounts on top-quality materials and workmanship.

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We provide expert customization consulting

When you work with us, you aren’t sold a package deal or left to fend for yourself. You’ll work with a personal consultant who can help navigate options, price out structural options, come up with creative solutions, and give you a vision for what’s possible within any given floorplan. Ignite your imagination in our new 3600 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Design Center where you can view options plus get advice for how to build your dream home within your budget.